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Game Write Ups

October 30th, 2014  - 

Florida State Seminoles - 3 1/2 vs. Louisville Cardinals - (level 3) - 7:30 pm - rotation number 305 -

I'm sure all week you've heard how the Seminoles are vulnerable here to a loss and how they haven't played a good schedule but the talk is just talk. The reaity is this team has now won 23 straight games and while maybe not as dominant as last season they still are rolling right along. Sure ESPN can say they "struggled" against Wake Forest in a 40 point win but this is the time to cut through the talk and go to what has happened in reality. Florida State has beaten the Oklahoma State Cowboys who were ranked until this week and have only lost to top 25 teams, the Clemson Tigers who are ranked in the top 20 and has only lost to two top 10 teams as well as Notre Dame. So while...
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Money Management

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Rated Plays

Not all plays are rated the same but every member gets all levels and all plays have been given equal time, research, and attention. This is where I differ from other sports...
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The Kicker
Coming Up This Week

Brady vs. Manning - Once Again!

When Brady faces Manning it is never about just the game but legacy, so here we go again. After 15 meetings we are still debating whether Brady or Manning is the best QB of this generation and well maybe all time. (I'm still picking Montana). As we get ready for this 16th meeting we can see how things change but really don't.

The Patriots have won 8 of the 11 regular season meetings between the two teams and are 2-2 during...
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